Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every last one

At our fire family dinner tonight we were given a bag of clothes. Even though it often isn't stuff we can use, I can never help getting excited that there might be good stuff buried at the bottom. We always are super polite in the moment and send a thank you note even if there's nothing good.

This is cheesy but tonight's was a mixed bag. (Warned you.) The top of the bag was like a dozen old white men's t-shirts. There were holes in the armpits and they were like, discolored. There were also a bunch of men's black dress socks. Then there was stuff that ... I had to ask Josh if it was men's boxers or men's swimsuits. Thank god it was swimsuits. Alex stood fully inside one leg and Dani stood in the other and they hopped up and down the hallway a bunch of times.

At the bottom of the bag there was a really small black t-shirt that had sparkles spelling out GLAMOUR GIRL. Weirdly, the shirt's label said it was a size Large. Alex claimed it immediately. I also found a sweater tunic dress type thing. I'm not clear on exactly what it is. Danielle thinks it's a dress. I think it's a sweater. Josh thinks it's ugly. So I told Danielle she could have it. She tried it on, as a dress. I was laughing too hard so Josh told her he liked her purple underwear. Danielle will be wearing it as a sweater from now on. With leggings.

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Anonymous said...

My newest crafting obsession is crocheting rag rugs. I love that I can recycle clothing or sheets that we can no longer use. The first one I took five of my husbands worn dress shirts and made a rug. Then I used an old sheet to make the next one. Last night I started prepping some old t shirts from the rag bin into strips to crochet. I think i'll make kitchen rags with it. Maybe you can do something with the stuff that's "icky" or doesn't fit? I actually find it relaxing to crochet and bought a big crochet needle just for this. There are a ton of youtube videos out there to show you how.