Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weird requests

I can't believe all in one day:
  1. Josh asked if I would dress as something slutty for Halloween
  2. I am considering dressing as something slutty since he's never asked before
  3. I snorted ginger ale up my nose when Arnie asked what I'm going to be for Halloween
  4. My little sisters who are not so little sat around brainstorming slutty costumes for me
  5. Becca called to ask if her boyfriend's friend could stay here tonight because he got stranded in the city and they don't have any extra space. So now we have what amounts to a stranger sleeping over tonight.


Zephyr said...

Any costume can be slutty if you make the skirt short, and wear stockings or thigh highs with 4" heels (esp on knee high or higher boots). Although I have to say that if you add an ugly fake nose with a hairy wart to your sexy witch costume, it's not quite as sexy.

OTRgirl said...

That's a hilarious list!