Thursday, November 3, 2011

In or on makes an assload of a difference

Alex's school called the other day. They said a boy (who Alex knows and is friends with) put his finger in her butt.

I said, "IN? Or on?"
They said in.
"Like, under her clothes?"
They said yes.
How are you supposed to respond to that? I mean where do you even start? So I asked to talk with Alex. They said she'd already left for the day. They were aware the boy is a Problem and were going to talk with the teachers and administration about how to keep them separated while they figured out details (there wasn't a teacher in the room when it happened).

Do they call the police? Does the boy get kicked out of school? I know Alex has been friends with him since she started school, and he's known for being kind of weird. Having boundary issues. His parents are super nice.

I didn't want to talk about this with Alex over the phone. I wanted to watch her face. I wanted to look at her eyes. So just called to make sure she was home. Work is so inconvenient sometimes. Of course I am totally grateful to have work, but not being able to go home immediately killed me. So I just told Alex I'd meet her at home.

When I got there Josh got pulled into the bathroom so I could tell him. He told me to ask Alex open-ended questions. To not freak out. (Too late.) So Josh started first by just asking how school was.

Turns out Alex got poked in the butt. Over her clothes. And the teachers freaked out. Alex didn't. She immediately yelled at her friend and moved away. He immediately apologized. I am so exhausted by all the stress of freaking out.


Kizz said...

Jeez, the kids really needed to make that more clear to the school. Or, you know, the school needed to actually LISTEN. HUGE difference. Still not cool that he poked her but a different kettle of fish all together.

Lil'Sis said...

Yikes, that kind of mistake makes the blood pressure go up quick...glad she handled it well, I would have freaked out and stressed too.

OTRgirl said...

I would have TOTALLY freaked out the same as you. Josh is, yet again, amazing. He's wise to know to just ask open-ended questions and not to jump all over it.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Alarmist mentality. Hate it. Glad Alex is ok. This kid does need some help with boundaries, though.