Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maybe I should care more?

Alex got together with a friend today. They told me they were going to see the Muppet movie and then to go shopping for the friend's boyfriend's birthday. So I gave her money and off she went. Hours later, when Alex came back, Josh's parents were here. I was sitting on my dresser talking to Laurie and Al burst in to say hi. I asked how the movie was, and she got a funny look on her face and told me they wound up seeing the Adam Sandler movie because Muppets aren't out yet.

A few minutes later after Alex went in search of a snack, Laurie said to me, "She knew Muppets weren't out yet."  I realized she was right. That look on Alex's face was guilt. I shrugged. Laurie couldn't let it go - it was driving her nuts that this lie or deception or whatever didn't seem like a big deal to me. "She's a teenager who lied about what she was going to do!" Eh. I don't care if she goes to see the other movie. Laurie wanted me to. She wanted me to confront her.  Josh finally had to tell her to drop it.

Look, I know she had that stealing moment. But really, it seems like it was more like a one-time thing, rather than going down the road to a life of crime and lying.  Later, Josh dug into Al's coat pocket and pulled out a ticket stub; it was for the Adam Sandler movie. So what's the big deal? It must be really stressful to be a parent and have to run around not believing your kids all the time. Or maybe Alex is giving blowjobs to strange men in movie theatres on weekends.

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Kizz said...

Lying sucks and it's my button so I'd probably be really pissed. If it's not your button then that's cool. I'd also, though, be really interested to know why she felt she had to lie about this particular thing. Did she think you wouldn't let her see the Sandler? Did she really go to the Sandler? If she bought the ticket to have as an alibi that's pretty sophisticated pre-meditation. If her seeing the Sandler wouldn't bother you then why lie about anything? Why not at most go with, "We're going to the movies. Not sure what." She's a pretty good kid, she's probably fine but it's weird that she feels compelled to lie about something so superficial.