Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shopping for parents

My friend Kelly wanted to go Christmas shopping today, so we met up at noon to hit up stores. Kelly showed up with the hood on her sweatshirt up, sunglasses on, holding a Starbucks. She asked why I looked so awake and perky. I shrugged. Kelly pushed, and asked what I'd gotten done today. Two and a half loads of laundry, two hours of studying, food shopping for the week. She laughed at me, and said she'd rolled out of bed a half hour before we were meeting.

I can't do that. I mean, my alarm doesn't get set for Sundays so sleeping late does happen. It's just not as late as Josh and Kelly will sleep. They aren't working on Saturdays though. Whatever, it works for me. Kelly can make fun of me all day if she wants - I'll have clean clothes and healthy food for the week.

Kelly's system of shopping is funny. She was explaining that she has a credit card with her name on it, but the bill goes to her dad. Plus her credit limit is his limit. "What about his presents? Do you pay for those?" Kelly told me he won't even notice. He just signs the checks.

Immediately upon getting home I went to Josh about this. He swears up and down it's totally normal. Parents pay for their own Christmas presents. While I was staring at Josh in shock, he told me at least some kids get their parents presents. A lot don't even bother.

Are you fucking kidding me? If I ever had a kid that couldn't be bothered to get me holiday presents I would kick their ass. How can you show so little respect to a parent that way?


Mizasiwa said...

our family are huge on gift giving. Even when we dont have money we will make each other something - my sister are notorius for making 'voucher' for making coffee or cleaning or something - or at least they did that when they were younger. my husband doesnt understand the whole 'gift' giving thing as his family were not big on the whole thing but after 8 years you would think he would catch on right? anyway this christmas we are doing hand crafted gifts so bought hand craft or made - its going to be so much fun (but a lot of work)

Purplefroglet said...

Yeah, I'm with you on that one. Buying presents for my family is the best bit of Christmas! I love trying to get something really special. It doesn't need to be expensive but it has to be meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Different families have different traditions and expectations. In my family we weren't expected to give gifts to adults, ever. On the other hand, we never had a credit account they payed for.

Anonymous said...

Well when I was a kid we had allowance. Then when I was a teenager we had part-time jobs. Money for presents (and other stuff) came from that. I never had a credit card that I could just use that my parents paid for and none of my friends did. I think that kids/young adults having credit cards that their parents pay off without any boundaries being set on it may be something that reflects the hugely wealthy set that Josh (and your other friend?) come from. Maybe those parents don't feel like their kids need to learn how to earn and manage money because their trust funds mean they never have to? I dunno....Though it does seem incredibly short-sighted to me as a parent to completely fail to teach your children how to manage money (as in earn it and have to budget it!).

Yankee, Transferred said...

Until I had my first job, my mother would take me shopping for my father, and my father would do the reverse. As soon as I got my first little stash of babysitting money, though, I shopped for my whole family on my own. It was more fun for me.
My kids always get me something...but I don't think I'd be pissed if they didn't, as long as they gave me a heartfelt card. Preferably a funny one.