Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preparing for lift-off

Last year I was a horrible, pathetic brat when finding out one of my Christmas gifts was new bedding. It was so shocking that what I'd had was gone, it was almost impossible to appreciate what was newly there. This afternoon I was sitting on my bed looking at the blanket and thinking about how I needed to not feel attached, that in a little over a month there will be something else. Different pillows to break in, a new blanket to tuck.

Then Danielle came in. "What are you doing?"
Me: Preemptively mourning the loss of this.
Dani: I am nominating you for lamest person ever. Prepare your acceptance speech, since you'll win.
Me: Thanks.
Dani: That wasn't a compliment. You're not sad about the stupid covers.
Me: Yeah I am.
Dani: No you're not. You're sad because a change is coming and you can't control it. You don't like any change to happen unless it's your decision and you control it.

You know what? I think she might be on to something there. Danielle should become a psychologist.


Nina said...

It's funny (and by funny I mean often annoying) when your siblings get old enough to know things about you that you sometimes don't realize about yourself.

It's good that you're preparing for the coming change though. Gotta do what you gotta do. :)

Alisha said...

She's a smart girl, that Dani...

(Although admittedly I myself would be upset about the bedding issue for a couple of reasons, neither of which have to do with disliking change.)

Anonymous said...

Would it also make you feel better if you donated your current bedding? Passing good quality items to someone who can really use them always makes me feel better.

Do you at least get to select the new stuff?

Abby said...

Does this mean you two made up? And nobody died?

Sam said...

Abby, we always make up.
Anon, I don't know but will ask Josh about picking and donating.