Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poor Alice is sick

Friday Al's school called, saying she was sick. When we got home, she had Advil and felt better after a nap. Josh and I left her on the couch with soup, and went to a party Kelly was throwing. Three hours in, I stepped off the pool table I was dancing on to go find a closet that would provide the quiet needed to check on Alex. She was grumpy to be woken up, and I apologized, even though I wasn't sorry at all.

This morning Josh woke up not feeling good. I have a bad feeling about Thanksgiving.

*We used to call Alex Alice because when she was born Dani misunderstood her name, and thought she was Alice. I don't know if she had a speech problem or a hearing problem or what, but we just went with it. Even though nobody ever corrected her, eventually Dani just started using the right name, and we all dropped the Alice for the most part.

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Zephyr said...

Awww, I hope it passes before Thanksgiving. :(

But I love how she got the nickname Alice. My second son couldn't say Alex (his older brother's name) for a long time, so he called him Akees. We still all call him that sometimes even though he's over 19 now.