Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quietly crazy

We didn't do the NYC Marathon. It's something like 26 miles. I think the most we've ever run is about ten miles. We just never got serious about training for it, and it's definitely not something where you can wing it. So maybe next year.

This girl in school has almost all the same classes as me. We're not friends. I think she's tried to make us friends, but I keep refusing. There's something off about her. Almost every single time we either interact or I see her talking to someone, that little warning bell goes off in my head, warning me to stay away.  It's not just the maniacal laugh, or the way she is very obvious about listening any time I'm on the phone with Josh.

Last week she complimented me on the shirt I was wearing. It was a black long-sleeve shirt. Then after that, she told me the top I'd worn the day before was also very flattering. That was also a black shirt. She then listed each top I'd worn all that week. It really freaked me out. It also freaked me out how she clearly wanted me to be impressed.

In bed last night I was telling Josh about her, and he said she sounds perfect for a Lifetime movie where she tries to kill me and then take over my life. She compliments things that aren't worthy of compliments. Like once someone complimented my necklace, and I responded "Thanks, it's my sisters," and she was like "Oh my god, that's so cute!"

I just want to put a lot of space between the two of us, but every time I turn around she's right there. At the same time she's so complimentary, I don't trust that it's pure. If I left a notebook somewhere, it wouldn't surprise me if she threw it out, but then pretended to help me look for it. And maybe I'm like, deciding she's awful when she hasn't thrown out anything, but everything about her screams distrust. I am wary.


Anonymous said...

Definitely trust your instincts and try to be cordial without getting close.. whatever her limitations/obsessions/lack of social graces are, it's likely she isn't able to control for them. It is a good life-skill to be able to handle such situations with equal parts caution and compassion.

Lil'Sis said...

Go with your gut.

Anonymous said...

Go with you gut, but find out what her name is and google her. Then make sure Josh/sisters know what her name is as well.....just in case! A covert pic of her on your phone to show them what she looks like in case she ever shows up at your home is not a bad idea either. It pays to be careful.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Keep your distance, but get her info.
Always trust your instincts.