Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An honest job

My mom never wanted any of us to work at fast food restaurants. I'm not sure if it's because their food is crap and she thought if we worked there we'd be more likely to eat there, or she had some other reason. So far she's gotten her wish though, and it looks good for the future. We're wrong, but my sisters and I always joke about having a job at Burger King as being the worst thing in the world, as if that's the ultimate sign of failure. Of course it's not, of course it's a perfectly honest job, a job you have to physically work hard at, a job that is legal and moral.

The other day this boy Chris came over. We went to high school together and he'd run into Dani at the beginning of the month and told her to have me get in touch. So it was the day after Christmas and he showed up. When he walked past me to come inside, I noticed he smelled bad. Like sweat. No, like dirty sweat. Clean sweat smells kind of good. Also, he smelled like cigarettes and weed.

I couldn't remember where Chris wound up going to college, so I apologized and asked. He laughed and talked about failing out in his first semester. Chris asked if I'm still working at the diner, so I filled him in on the office gig and tutoring. He told me about how he's been going on vacation two or three times a year and was kind of boasting about it. He clearly wanted me to be jealous, and I was. Finally I asked how he was affording all these trips to Florida and Mexico.

The answer? By pimping himself out. He blows guys for money. My jaw was on the floor. Apparently Chris has two regulars hiring him every week who pay very well (really? do guys pay guys more for oral than they pay girls? because the hookers i grew up knowing probably only got around $30 or so for a blowjob) and a few random extra people. I asked if Chris does ass sex too, and he got all indignant about not being gay. I didn't ask then why is he blowing guys, but wanted to.

At some point I told Chris, "Of all things, this is definitely not the direction I saw you going in." He laughed. "Hey, it's an honest job. Nothing more pure and basic than sex, right?"  Umm ... actually ...

The glass Chris drank out of is on the counter with a piece of paper taped to it that says "Don't drink out of me." I am not sure it's possible to wash it thoroughly enough.


Lil'Sis said...

wow, I'm always amazed when I find out crazy stuff like that, I'd just toss the glass myself and sadly not have him over again, that's probably the mom in me talking. I've had friends during my college years who worked in the trade as Chris does, but they were all girls and it paid their tuition so I never judged...and the dirty sweat smell, just yuck.

Tam said...

He can't be feeling that great about himself or he'd be keeping himself clean ~ both physically & chemically.
I'd avoid him in the future ~ not a good influence. Yuk!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Yikes. Poor guy is on a bad path.

sam said...

It seems like dropping him would be the complete wrong direction to go in - clearly he's going through one hell of a hard time. I am not sure how exactly he's a bad influence...?