Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's blame it on the full moon

People who go on cruises know there are specific times of the year to go to certain places. So you go to Alaska in the summer. Plus because it's like, a boat, you have to go when the boat is taking off. You can't just choose your own dates. Also plus, sometimes you have to fly to get where the boat will push off from.

Josh came back saying we're going on the Alaska cruise with his parents. And his grandparents. I wish Danielle and I were twins so I could send her in my place. Those grandparents are super intense.

Before I could properly panic about going on a cruise with so many grownups, Josh told me he would be needing another vacation before the winter ends. Okay, it's like 50 degrees here! Well maybe not quite that warm, but still. Global warming is here. Why does Josh need to go to Antigua or wherever? How does he know when he needs a vacation? How come I never need one?

Josh gave me no time to go down that line of thought and immediately told me that really, the minimum should be three vacations a year, not two. We need one in the fall or near Christmas, one in the winter, and one in the summertime. I bet he could come up with reasons we need to go once a month.

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Me said...

I'd happily settle for one vacation a year. (Most people don't get three, so compromising at two is a reasonable thing on your part.) I do hope you learn to relax and enjoy them someday. They are a GOOD thing, not another chore!