Monday, January 9, 2012


Josh: Our deal was that you'd carve out a week twice a year to go on vacations with me.
Sam: I know.
J: Here's my list of places I want to go with you given our week-long time allowance, and here's my list of dates there's time off school.
S: Whoa. Can we even get to all these places and back within one week?
J: Technically since we'll have a weekend there'll be Sunday, then a week, then a weekend so that's nine days. But yeah I only put places that work for a week.
S: Okay can I be honest with you?
J: Uh-oh.
S: When we went to New England I didn't have as much fun as when we went to Florida because we rushed to pack in so much. There was almost no time to stand still and soak in any fun moments.
J: Oh. Okay. So we won't go to Europe for a week, that's okay.
S: What do these things mean?
J: There's a key at the bottom. That one means it's a cruise.
S: We could go on a cruise?
J: Sure.
S: Isn't it ... boring? To just be stuck on a boat for so long? And claustrophobic?
J: No, no! The ships are amazing and have tons of stuff to do, plus they dock in fun places every couple of days so you can explore.
S: That sounds kind of fun....
J: It IS! So can we book a cruise? Want to go to Alaska?
S: And then the ship would dock in different parts of Alaska?
J: Sure, like at Sarah Palin's place, where we could look at Russia ...


Anonymous said...

Amazing opportunities, Sam. Pick two, don't agonize over it beforehand, and just allow yourself to have some fun! You deserve it.

~C~ @ mommy in the midwest said...

Screw Sarah Palin, but definitely go to Alaska! I went there in 2008 and it was amazing. Hard to believe the landscape can be so very different on the opposite side of the country.

Mizasiwa said...

To be honest im more of a beach person myself so Alaska would not be on my top ten! However Im sure its very interesting... I agree though just randomly choose and let yourself into the experience...

Lil'Sis said...

hahaha...always wanted to do an Alaska cruise, seriously. Growing up a friend's dad lived there, it was beautiful

Nina said...

So glad you're getting a chance to relax, see something new, and spend time with Josh.

Anna in Oz said...

An Alaska cruise is one of my dream holidays too! Honestly, a cruise seems like a perfect trip for a week - it's all planned, you don't have to worry about being too rushed since you'll have downtime while the ship is sailing if you want, but you'll have all the onboard activities to make sure you don't have MORE downtime than you need, and then you'll have the cool shore excursions. And the Alaska scenery seems awesome!

You can totally go to Europe just for a week too, just restrict to one or two places so you don't feel crazy rushed. We went to Paris once for Thanksgiving when we lived in the States - just stayed in Paris, took an extra day off so we had 4 days on the ground (after taking out the travel time) to explore and soak up the city, perfect.