Friday, February 10, 2012

Stuff and things

  • My sister is sick of my clothing angst and told me to shut the fuck up. 
  • The other day I was so tired that I skipped my first college class and slept late. It was totally worth it. 
  • Tomorrow we are getting Blossom the Birthday Dog, to babysit for the weekend. There has been a lot of argument over where the dog will sleep. 
  • I am not scared of my sister, so have not shut the fuck up about clothing. I bought a Vogue magazine. Does anyone really dress like that? 
  • It is possible there was jumping on the bed when we found out about Blossom.
  • Arnie got in a huge fight with someone on the phone and screamed at them. I got nominated to be the person who had to go close his door. 
  • There are two very hot guys who live together on our floor. Today I got told by one of them that the other one, the one who looks like he's related to Kurt Hummel, is half Korean. You can not tell from looking. What you could tell, from looking at me, is that I tripped and nearly fell over as we walked out of the elevator.
  • After an embarrassing amount of research I have learned what boatneck collars are, and what traditional nautical clothing is. Imagine my mom coming back and asking what I've been learning in college. Not sure she'd be happy.
  • My mom would really love a dog to play with. There is a lot to tell her.


OTRgirl said...

With a fine art training, I'm comfortable with which colors go together, but I'm with you in terms of not wanting to have to think about it most of the time.

If you can find a couple pair of black slacks that are comfortable, combined with a couple nice sweaters (cashmere via the thrift store...), that becomes a fine work wardrobe. You dress up that sort of thing via the shoes. Not necessarily heels, but cool, interesting flat shoes. Ankle boots, Clarks, Doc Martins. I do the clothes from gifts or the thrift store and spend money on the shoes.

So far with our half-Korean kid, you can't tell unless his Dad is holding him. No one has asked me where I got him yet (phew!)

OTRgirl said...

Oh, nobody dresses exactly like Vogue, but it gives a sense of what colors and what 'feel' of clothes are in style. I use it as a guide for what to grab while thrifting. (Tunic sweater vs crop sweaters, etc)

Nina said...

I'm sure some people dress like they do in Vogue, but not people I know. But I do think it's fun to look at the pretty clothes. :)

I still don't understand the concept of buying a cruise-specific wardrobe. I mean, I know that there are usually some formal events so you might need an evening dress and you might want a nice hat or something for hanging out on the deck, but other than that...I'm still having a hard time picturing it. Do people still dress in nautical-themed wear now? I went on a cruise once, but it was not a fancy cruise. I just wore jeans and such.