Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bar fight

The intense throbbing all the time, the spending tons of energy just to keep from screaming in pain type of pain has died down. My elbow doesn't hurt all the time anymore either, now it's just if I touch it. I guess Doug and the bone doctor were right after all, when they said it was just a really horrible bruise but not a break on my elbow.

I am getting better at working around my cast. Well and knowing what I shouldn't even bother trying to do. The annoying thing (aside from not being able to shower by myself) about having a cast is that 80 times a day people ask what happened. Even strangers. Even strangers on the train. Even strangers on the train who see me transferring everything all into one hand so my non-broken arm can hold on while they sit comfortably in their seat looking up at me while I stand.

On Friday going home I was exhausted and when a woman like that asked, I snapped and told her I got in a fight with someone who wouldn't give up their seat for a handicapped person. Maybe I do use the word retarded, but I damn well always give up my seat for anyone handicapped, old, pregnant, or with a baby. Her face got bright red when I said that and she didn't say another word. My mother was way better than I am about giving up seats - sometimes she'd just stand up and tell someone they looked more tired than she was.

It's kind of one thing when people ask on the train, because I'm stuck there and not moving, but the people who drive me nuts are the ones who are like, cashiers, who hold back my change until I answer them. For the people who are preventing me from doing stuff, I just lie and say it was a bar fight. It pisses me off so much, because like can't you see I'm all gimped out? Obviously everything takes longer and I don't have time to stop walking to answer your intrusive questions.  How nice for you that you're Spring Breaking in Manhattan, but I'm busy doing my life and have places to be. 

When people ask and I'm just on the train or whatever, I'll tell them the truth. "A homeless guy went batshit crazy on me walking down the stairs." A few times frat guys (or maybe they just look like frat guys - actually they look like the kind of guys Josh would know) have said things about "How's the other girl look?"and you just know they're wondering if there was mud involved and if there's video of it on Youtube they can jerk off to, so I lie to those guys too, and tell them it was a guy, not a girl, and he won't be able to have kids anymore. That always shuts them up.


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Just Me said...

Somehow I always feel better by giving stupidity the response it deserves. Hope it makes you feel better too! :)

Tami said...

Did I just read that correctly? You got randomly assaulted on the subway steps? That's horrible Sam! I hope you heal up soon. Take care.

OTRgirl said...

I wish I were as good at on the spot responses as you are! I love the frat boy answer.

Lil'Sis said...

I enjoy your off the cuff lying responses, they are great and shut folks up or totally disarm them I imagine, I'd laugh my butt off to hearing you say them aloud:) Good for you - we must guard our time. But sorry that you're having to deal with all of it, I have no recollection of how long casts stay on for, is it 5-6 weeks? Hang in there