Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby steps

Most mornings I just throw my hair into a messy ponytail or bun and run out the door. At some point before getting to work, I re-do it to make it look neat. Now with my broken arm, I can't do my hair. I've been getting one sister or another to do it for me lately. Last night Alex came into our room to announce she had to leave extra-early and wouldn't be able to do my hair this morning. Dani poked her head in to say she wouldn't be able to do it either.  "So wear it down,"Josh suggested. He always wants me to wear my hair down.

I don't really like wearing it down though. Even though I dress the farthest thing from fancy, wearing my hair loose feels undone somehow. Like I'm not all the way dressed or something. Sometimes for something dressy maybe a half-ponytail, but usually a french braid. Until Icouldn't do it, I never thought about my hair all that much. Now though, I can barely manipulate my fingers into the right spots to help my other hand tighten my ponytail when it's getting loose.

My sisters decided the solution was to teach Josh how to do my hair. He was not as enthusiastic as they were, but sat there flanked by sisters, with me sitting on the floor between his feet. I zoned out to the tv while my sisters talked over each other, hands pulled at my hair from all directions, and the three of them giggled above me.

Eventually, they all pronounced the lesson over and somebody patted me on the head. As I walked off to go look at my hair, I heard Danielle say, "Tomorrow Joshie, we'll teach you how to put in a tampon!"They will never miss any opportunity to torture him. Just for that, maybe I'll wear my hair down tomorrow.


Lil'Sis said...

Haha, making memories. I have no words of wisdom, my sisters did my hair when I couldn't use my arm too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thinking about Josh doing your hair makes me laugh so much. I sprained my wrist one time and used to make my boyfriend paint my toes. I could have paid $5 to get them done but it was just funnier to see him do them lol

Mizasiwa said...

Isnt it weird how you can feel incomplete with your hair down. I realised it was a problem for me when i cut my waist length hair into a chin length pixie cut and no one at work noticed. The didnt know i had long hair to begin with becouse i wore it tied up ALL the time. since then i have been practicing wearing it down (now that it is longer again) it was hard work in the summer but i like the way it looks. im even learning how to straighten it with a hair iron. but now i find i have to go to the hairdresser as i cant seem to cut it myself and keep it in the style i wont which seems like a waste to me. Good luck with Josh doing your hair im sure you will look fine!!