Sunday, March 11, 2012

Left or right?

Alex watched a movie on tv about a girl who needs a kidney from her sister and the sister wants to be medically emancipated so her parents can't force her to provide the kidney.  I didn't know this when she got in my face while I was paying bills which is why I answered her, "Will you give me one of your kidneys?" with "No, I'm busy." When she asked Josh, he told Alex he probably wouldn't be a match.

Danielle was Al's last hope. Braced for rejection, Alex came up to Dani while she and I were making a strawberry parfait. "Danners, can I have one of your kidneys?" Dani put down the mixer she was using to make the whipped cream, and grabbed a butcher knife. "Which one? Left or right?" Alex beamed. "Oh, I don't need one now. I just wanted to know somebody would be willing to give me one." She skipped off.

None of her friends from school know Alex skipped a grade. She must save up every single ounce of her immaturity for us.

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Nina said...

That must be My Sister's Keeper. I haven't seen the movie, but I read the book years ago. They changed the ending completely in the movie apparently.

Anyway, this anecdote about Alex had me smiling. :)