Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not gonna lie, it hurts

Pretty sure my arm is broken. Well, actually Danielle is - I'm just going by her assessment of the situation. Okay this has taken me about a half hour to write and there have been more typos in these three sentences than in like a year of writing. Have to go put my arm back on pillows and ice.


Kizz said...

If your arm is broken you need to go to the hospital and have it taken care of. If you're afraid of the cost think of it this way; you can't afford the complications that will come if you don't have it taken care of now. Let us know what happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kizz.
There is, of course, a very small chance that it isn't; a chipped elbow may need only a sling.
But taking care sooner is much better than later. And it's best to know.
All best wishes.

Suzanne said...

Get a broken bone to the hospital and start screaming for an orthopedist the moment you walk in the door. Seeing an orthoped within 6 hours of a broken bone can save surgery later on.
I hope you're feeling okay.

Nina said...

You need to head straight to the hospital Sam.

Sorry you're hurt. I hope it heals quickly.

uberimma said...

Go to the hospital. Now. I wish I knew Josh's email address so I could yell at him to drag you.

My MIL broke her wrist about two years ago--slipped on the ice. She decided it would heal on its own and did not go to the hospital until the pain became unbearable a week later, at which point the bones had already begun to reknit (obviously not correctly). What should have been a few weeks in a cast turned into nerve pain, surgery and a yearlong recovery. Don't go there.