Sunday, March 4, 2012

Like the end of an era

Here's an awkwardness that never even occurred to me: some of our fire families that we want to break up with? They're good friends with some of the ones we want to stay in touch with. They talk.

It made for a weird moment tonight when we were leaving a family we really like and they waited all the way until we were at the door before saying, "So we heard you don't want to do these anymore?" How do you say, "Well with you, we do. It's just that your friends made it clear they can't stand these and totally view us as an obligation."

What came out of my mouth was something about how it's really obvious how much of an imposition the dinners are some days and maybe we can do them with less frequency. Then Alex added, "Like once a month." At first I was like oh fuck why did you say something so stupid, but then realized it was brilliant. It'll be much easier to skip people who don't like us if it's only once a month.

So it was kind of clunky but nobody is angry and we didn't expose anyone for the assholes they are. Plus since we like tonight's fire family I asked if they'll come over to our house for Sunday brunch next time it's their turn.

The whole thing is so awkward. It's almost less awkward hanging out at Josh's parents' parties with all the fancy people who look at me like at any moment I might steal from them. Obviously I'm going to hell, but if I ever become a volunteer in any capacity my main goal after like, fulfilling the volunteering requirements will be to not make people feel like they're a charity case. That is seriously the worst feeling ever. It's so humiliating.

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OTRgirl said...

You're right, that sounds super awkward! I love that you are going to have them over for brunch.