Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simply stolen

Tomorrow is Becca's birthday. It turns out that in high school we both used to sometimes watch Friends reruns. We've used Friends lines on each other. So I got Becca some packs of gum and a card, and wrote in the card, "Dear Janice, Have a hubba bubba birthday."

I also got her a Dunkin Donuts card because she is addicted and always has a cup. Maybe I will get a clean cup and put the gum in it.

Tonight when I was getting Becca's card at Duane Reade there was this girl stealing stuff. Look, everyone walks into a store and looks around to see where the cameras are and what kind of anti-theft stuff they have. And then they steal accordingly. Or not and that's how they get caught. But this girl was so bold. She was really good. She did everything right. I actually followed her around the store for a while, watching her technique - it was that good. She brought her own bag. She had more than one bag. She bought some stuff. She stole the more expensive stuff (vitamins) and paid for the less expensive stuff (magazine). I was seriously tempted to compliment her.


Anonymous said...

If she was so good, how come she didn't catch on that you were following her?

{I have to admit, call me a 'fussy blog lady' if you want, but I'm struck by how nonchalant you seem to be about theft. Watching someone steal would have had a very different effect on me.}

Anonymous said...

I, too, am taken aback by your attitude toward theft. Please know that not "everyone" walks into a store looking for opportunities to steal. I am a small business owner. I value our customers and feel personally hurt when someone thinks it's okay to steal from us. I would not come into your home and take your belongings.

You have many qualities that I deeply admire. You are hardworking, thoughtful, and loyal. I hope you will reconsider your viewpoint. It is not a victimless crime. But more importantly, it says a lot about character. And I believe that you do have good character and the potential for even more.

sam said...

I can't get all uppity about people stealing when I used to steal food on a weekly basis (which is why it's still a habit to look for the cameras).

It's hard to feel bad about my thoughts since it's not like they were my actions. The gum was paid for - I didn't take anything without paying.

Caroline said...

You crack me up!

Rosie said...

Sorry. I was trying (and failing, I know) not to be judgmental. I didn't know that it was "used to be" and "food". Stealing out of necessity is (slightly) different than stealing because it's fun.

Lil'Sis said...

the wanting to compliment her I find so funny, I've been in those shoes before, hard to tell someone good job when they're doing something you know is wrong in essence, but I totally get that feeling