Monday, February 27, 2012

So many things

Sorry my writing sucked on the last post. It was supposed to be two separate posts but I was rushing so not only did it wind up one, but it was one bad, rushed one. But to make up for that something happened the other day and I was about to say "that's retarded" and then thought "the blog ladies will NOT like that" so I said it was lame instead. It wasn't quite as satisfying. It didn't feel like lame captured the full depth of how bad it was. So I am still in search of a satisfying word to replace retarded.

My sisters and I had a big talk earlier in the week about being more respectful of Josh's non-closeness. I told them they have to knock and wait to be told they can come in when doors are closed. Danielle thinks it's ... lame. That how we've been doing things is fine. Alex asked Dani if she saw Josh naked and that's why. Um no. I told them they can't lay on my bed when Josh is laying in it - that it skeeves him out too much. Alex thinks that's lame too. It doesn't really matter what she thinks, as long as she listens.

So now Alex knocks before barging in each morning to ask if she has to wear a jacket to school. The rich people must be fucking up the world more this year than usual because winter in the city used to be cold for like a sold four or five months, but now some days it's all the way up to the middle of the 50's. All the old people who usually go to Palm Beach for the winter keep coming back since it's not too cold for them.


Ehme said...

My friend and I had the same problem with the word retarded. We replaced it with "retired". We may offend some elderly people, but at least it is more PC.

Nina said...

I think a good expletive preceding words like "lame" are quite effective. Unless you don't curse around your sisters, in which case, nevermind.

Good on you for setting some boundaries with your sisters on Josh's behalf. I could see how one boy might get a little overrun living with 3 super close sisters. Glad to see it getting resolved, even if Alex and Dani think it's lame.

Just Me said...

Your post brought to mind this blog post I read a few weeks ago:

You may find a few alternatives to "retarded" there. :)