Friday, February 24, 2012

Deep baths

All the biggest talks always happen when someone's in bed or in the bathtub. Not sure why, but it's always that way. When I got home from work I decided to take a bath. A real one with candles and bubbles and a magazine. Not five minutes into the water, I heard the door open. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be home alone for a while. Obviously I love everybody, but my brain only ever has time to process outside thoughts, not to wander.

Josh came in and sat on the edge of the tub. I asked him how much it would cost to go skiing for a weekend. He nearly fell in. I am thinking maybe about asking Arnie about taking a Friday off and going just for a weekend.

The other day at school this girl I sort of know was telling me about how she went out for dinner with her family, to celebrate her brother's birthday. He got to pick the restaurant and she didn't like it, so she spent the whole meal bitching about how there was nothing for her to eat, and all the food sucked and kept going the whole time.

You know, every time we talk she's upset about some injustice in the world done to her. She is always hurt. Always upset. Nothing is ever her fault - life just happens to her. Even when it's something she could have prevented, even if she could have done things differently, she always lets the bad thing happen, so she can bitch about it. Well maybe that's not why, but she will like, blow all her money on bullshit and then bitch and rage about how mean the phone company is for turning off her phone because she paid them "only" two days late.

It's like she is the devil on my shoulder showing me what would happen if the angel on my other shoulder didn't win. She is my other future I could be having. It's scary.


Anonymous said...

Your awareness of this possible "devil" on your shoulder will keep it from happening.

OTRgirl said...

I seriously doubt that you could become a petulant complainer. You have too much go-getter in you. If you don't like something, you work on changing it. I'm sad for your friend's brother! What a great way to spoil someone's birthday. Too bad her parents didn't teach her to suck it up for the sake of someone else a long time ago...