Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If I repeat it enough it'll be true

Going skiing is a huge thing here. The ski places give group rates to students, and bunches of them go for two nights or whatever and ski all day for three days. Both my sisters have done this. Josh has done this. I haven't. I am not jealous. Skiing doesn't sound that fun. People break their necks skiing into trees.

The three of them swear it's tons of fun. That you get serious thigh muscles. I'm not jealous. Being outside all day long sounds cold. You don't have to spend the entire day outside to appreciate a good mug of hot chocolate.

Alex left this morning. She went with four other tiny ballerinas. She will be back on Thursday. On Friday Danielle goes with her geek squad. They come back Sunday. Josh told me he's bummed they aren't overlapping at all. If I told Josh I wanted to go skiing he would arrange it in a hot second. If I even hinted that I'm jealous he'd beg to arrange it.

Sometimes it is such a strong drive to be earning money that I make mental lists of places I could work during the sleeping hours. Security guard, Dunkin Donuts, those places. Josh has asked a few times if, after graduation and beginning a regular grownup job, I'll be able to relax. Honestly, I have doubts.

The idea of getting paid even when you're on vacation seems crazy. Plus, doesn't everybody have the urge to get a side job so you get paid for the fulltime job and the one you work while you're on vacation? This seems like the best idea to me.

Except snowboarding maybe looks kind of cool. If they could somehow remove the trees out of the way. I'm not jealous of my sisters though.


uberimma said...

Re skiing, I agree. No interest whatsoever. Re money, I so hear you. I went to FT from PT in September and as irrational as it sounds, one of the things that bothers me most now is that I no longer have the option of working more hours for extra money. I used to get paid hourly and now get a salary. Even though I'm obviously earning more than I did before and working more than I did before, I can't think, "OK, I want X but it costs X dollars so I'll work X extra hours late Saturday night."

Also, I never use my vacation time because if I don't, I get to cash it out at the end of the year. So... yeah. Right there with you.

Mizasiwa said...

I have friends who worked in some resort during the winter in the US you should maybe look into that...i however doubt highly that Josh would think that was a holiday. Also in the summer I hear a place called Marthas Vinyard has all kinds of work and the off hours are great becouse of the location and vibe...i dont agree with not taking leave so you can cash it out - you did experience the early stages of burn out late last year and i know that its hard to admit but honestly everyone needs time away from their normal routine. the pay by the hour route is something my husband and i land up in more often than I like. he can totally hop from thinking like a salaried person to a paid by the hour and also does the 'ok so i get paid x and so i want x so i can work for x hours' thing - i know if i worked like that i would work ALL the time and I really dont want to there are a lot of things id rather be doing.

Anonymous said...

Just go ahead and try it, Sam. Bones heal faster when you're younger ;-)

Nina said...

Granted, I've never gone skiing on the east coast (or really anywhere other than Southern California), but all the popular ski runs in this area (Big Bear and Mammoth)...there are no trees on the ski runs. I mean, there are trees on the mountain, obviously, but not in the areas where you actually ski. Only the most difficult runs have trees in them, I think. So I don't think you'd really need to worry about running into trees. I don't like skiing because, like you, I don't like being cold, but if snowboarding looks fun to you - you should TOTALLY do it. My husband loves it even though he only gets to go once every couple of years because it's so expensive. And just playing in the snow is pretty fun. :)

I do hope you get to relax a bit once college is over and your sisters are independent and you aren't trying to do 50,000 things at once.