Friday, March 23, 2012

Lots of girlie things

Today I:
  1. Wore a non-black shirt
  2. Wore a skirt
  3. Wore my hair down
  4. Got complimented on my hair
  5. Asked various people for help 
  6. Took another bubble bath
  7. Got a massage in bed
On the way to work I decided a donut would make my arm feel better so went towards one. A grownup guy was walking in ahead of me, but then kind of leaned back to hold the door. He was in front of me in line since I went to pull a milk out, and when he gave his order he told the guy, "Plus whatever she's having," pointing at me. So some strange random guy in a suit bought me a milk and chocolate donut. When I told Josh about it he laughed and guessed it was the hair. Then he asked that I not go back tomorrow. 

At work today there was a jam in the copy machine that Ineeded two hands shoved into small places to fix, and had to ask Arnie for hep since he was the closest person around. He just said, "Sure, let's see," and got up to fix it. Then he told me the expression on my face was one of surprise that he'd agreed. "You think I'd leave you twisting in the wind?"

There are some people who do all these things every day.


Lil'Sis said...

I like every bit of this post, happy that you're managing, hoping it all gets easier and that the cast is off sooner than later.

Kizz said...

Go back tomorrow! Free donut and a self-esteem boost. :)

Nina said...

Cute post. Glad to hear you're doing a bit better.