Monday, March 26, 2012

A daily thing

Josh has been giving me a massage each night before bed. The weight of my cast kind of pulls my neck and it's sore by the end of every day. When I told Josh my goal was to stop taking the painkillers he offered to massage away the pain to see if that helps. It does.

Having a broken arm forces you to slow down. Like I used to just bang these out at the end of the night. Now now only do I type WAY slower but now also have to go back through and fix all the typos I never used to make. Everything takes longer, and a lot more thought. The first week, my elbow hurt so much that I couldn't use the broken arm at all, but now I can kind of use it a little.

It's a relief to be getting faster at getting stuff done each day while at the same time getting comfortable with being slower at each thing also. My sisters and I went to see Hunger Games today and then Danielle gave me a manicure. I was surprised at how similar the movie was to the book until I saw the author also was one of the screenplay writers; then it all made sense. But I still think the book was better. Danielle liked the movie better because she got to see how all the Capital people were dressed, and Alex liked the book better because she could put it down for the scary parts but couldn't do that with the movie.


Just Me said...

My daughter and I loved both the book and the movie. I was amazed at how well they synched the movie to the book, changing only what they really had to change to make it work - i.e. to put into visuals what Katniss had thought in the book, etc.

Books are almost always better, but the movie TOTALLY lived up to and maybe even surpassed our expectations.

Nina said...

I haven't read the book yet so I'm waiting to see the movie, but a lot of my friends who love the book didn't like the movie. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway though - I'm glad your arm is getting better. And even though of course it would have been better to not get hurt, maybe the bright side of this is you being forced to slow down and let people take care of you a little. Like Josh giving you massages. :)