Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Must there always be bombs?

Today Danielle told me how she wants to spend the summer. One month in Italy and one month interning for Arnie. She said it so casually, like as if she wants to spend the weekend by studying on Saturday and cleaning on Sunday.

I'm pretty sure Arnie would hire Dani. But she's not spending a month in Italy. The only reason she got to go before was because of a scholarship and a full-on program. Now there's none of that, so who would pay airfare, and where would she stay?

Why can't she have realistic dreams? When I asked Dani this she told me there's no point in dreaming if it's a realistic dream. It always makes me super grumpy when my sisters talk like this.


Mizasiwa said...

Im convinced sisters are put on earth to have unrealistic (to us) dreams and drive us crazy!! good luck!!

Kizz said...

Why do you think it makes you grumpy?

Just Me said...

Some people need to talk about things they would like to do, even though they realize it's probably not going to happen. As long as Dani doesn't expect someone else to make it happen, there's no harm in her dreaming.

I think Dani was put in your family to balance out some of your excessive practicality!