Monday, April 30, 2012

Strategic partying

This morning we had a fire family brunch. Brunches seem so much easier than a dinner. Maybe it's because you're not starting a huge thing at the end of the day when you're tired. Thinking about it this morning made me feel bad, like I haven't been appreciative all these years of how annoying it must have been to host three girls Sunday nights.

We invited three fire families over (four really, but one couldn't come). Lazy brunch is bagels and lox, but I think fancy brunches always make the house smell good, so we started last night. I decided we weren't going to aim for healthy at all, just tasting good. I started an apple french toast casserole at night, and just added a tiny bit of lemon so the apples wouldn't brown. This morning we designed a rainbow fruit salad thingy and Danielle cooked up a ton of bacon and chicken-apple sausages. Alex made orange juice, and then got sent out to pick up fancy coffee.

Twice I got told to marry Josh if he asks. Four times I got told he's cute. We got told a story about someone applying for a job with the post office a long time ago, being offered the job and then having the offer taken away because at the very end, the person said something wrong.  It was fun. We ate, talked, played Wii, kind of all the same stuff that happens on Sunday nights, just with more people. After everyone left Josh kicked us out, sending me and my sisters to the movies and claiming he'd clean up.


Just Me said...

This is wonderful - I bet they loved having YOU host them too.

Josh sounds like a keeper.

Lisa said...

The brunch you made sounds amazing!

Mizasiwa said...

Sounds awsome - Well done!!