Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tomorrow needs to be better

I ate like such shit today. Alex had a minor crisis and in helping her I ran out of time for breakfast. On the way to my first class I got a hot chocolate and a croissant. Is it me, or are these things way too big for one person? I couldn't finish it and gave the leftover to a homeless guy.

I got invited to go to lunch with people. Everyone wanted pizza. I managed to talk two people into splitting a salad with me, so I had a tiny salad and slice of pizza.

By mid-afternoon there was like this carb overload slump. To fix it, I spent even more money on food and bought an apple and a banana.

The good thing that's come out of my broken arm is that so far, my sisters are still hard-core helping with dinner. Pretty sure all three of us are relieved that they aren't coming in each time I'm showering to wash my hair. But my sisters are totally helping with dinner each night, with barely any asking and absolutely no complaining. When I got home they'd baked homemade mac & cheese with spinach and sweet potato fries on the side. Not exactly the healthiest thing, but I didn't have to cook it.

Dani talked Josh into going out for dessert. They brought back ice cream and Alex, who burns like 3,000 calories a day, scarfed hers down and then asked after mine. Honestly, I think Josh shared it with her just so she wouldn't eat an entire second one herself.

Tomorrow I need to eat really carefully to make up for today.


Anonymous said...

This does not sound like a lot of food at all.

sam said...

it wasn't that it was a lot. it was that 1. i hadn't planned ahead and gotten healthy foods and 2. even with spending money it STILL wasn't healthy. overalll it was a Fat & Grease day.

JJ said...

Oh, Sam, I am so ashamed of you. You ate like a college student. WHO EATS PIZZA. OH THE HUMANITY.

(kidding, obviously.)

Lil'Sis said...

wow, i totally eat like shit

Mizasiwa said...

you make me feel bad - I know I shouldnt but I eat like this most of the time ... :-( even tho I know I shouldnt