Thursday, May 3, 2012

My boyfriend says I'm going on a date

This guy at work was hanging out at my desk today and asked if I've ever been to a shooting range. I magically resisted the urge to ask, "You mean like with guns?!" and instead just shook my head no. He was telling me all about how he has two guns and he goes shooting a couple of times a month and all this stuff.

Then he invited me to go shoot guns with him. I accepted because who wouldn't want to shoot the shit out of a gun. When I came home and told Josh, he gave me a bad look.

Josh: Why are you dating this guy?
Me: What? I'm not dating him!
Josh: You accepted a date with him.
Me: It's not a date.
Josh:  Trust me. You. accepted. a date.
Me: ...
Josh: Okay. If you're so convinced, ask Alex.
Me: Fine. She'll say you're wrong. AL!
Alex: What?
Josh: A boy at work invited Sammers to a shooting range with him.
Alex: To shoot a gun?
Josh: Yes.
Alex: Well she said no right? You guys aren't breaking up? I don't want to break up.
Me: No! Nobody's breaking up!
Alex: So you told the guy no?
Josh: And why would she tell the guy no?
Alex: Because ... she isn't going to cheat on you?
Josh: SEE?
Me: Oh my god. How did I not know?
Alex: Because you're an idiot?
Me: Okay thanks for helping, bye bye now.

Tomorrow's going to be kind of awkward .


JJ said...
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JJ said...

"I accepted because who wouldn't want to shoot the shit out of a gun."

This is definitely my new motto.

Mizasiwa said...

ybe you can invite Josh - boys always love to 'shoot the shit out of guns'!! ;-)

Alisha said...

Sam, I just want to say that you're hilarious. Thanks for the laugh...