Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Josh's dad came with me to get my cast off. They use a real saw. The guy was like, "Don't worry, I've never cut anyone's skin ... yet." Really reassuring. He didn't cut me though. My arm looked kind of small, compared to the non-broken one. I was kind of shocked at how much smaller it looked, but Josh's dad swore that's normal. The doctor felt my arm up a lot and it made me nervous when he touched the spot right where the break was. He said it was a textbook break and a textbook heal.

My arm is officially Not Broken anymore. So while back handsprings and punching people and push-ups are out, amusement parks, basketball and getting my arm wet are back in. The doctor said I should feel free to try and pick things up and hold them as it's comfortable, but not to do weight-lifting. My wrist feels stiff and my arm overall feels weak. That didn't stop me from taking a shower by myself for the first time in over a month.

Now I have this little squeezy ball to squeeze all the time to strengthen my arm up again.


Just Me said...

Happy with you. Enjoy being fully-limbed again. :)

Alisha said...