Monday, April 23, 2012

It's like people want to help

I guess you guys were right. The people I've told that I was trying to find a job in accounting are: Josh's parents, Doug, Arnie, and a few tutoring parents. Everyone was really enthusiastic in saying what a great field it is, and how they'll check their contacts to see if they know anyone who can help. It was only Laurie who wasn't totally positive; she said I waited too long. According to her I should have started working on this last fall. Hopefully it is not too late. But everybody looked me straight in the eyes when they promised to help however they could, or offered to write a letter of recommendation.

The good news is the accounting firms recruit for interns in the spring, and it's the spring. The good news is you don't have to have a 4.0. The bad news is, the worse your school is, the higher your GPA has to be, like to make up for the shittiness of your school. Oh, and the best news is, these are PAID internships. I always thought an internship was like volunteering, just in a field you hope to work in. But these people PAY. 

Danielle and I sorted out that she'll take over my Arnie job if I get to be an intern, and I promised she could keep all the money from it as long as she pays our entire cell phone bill. Figured telling Arnie he could have Dani would make him more open to letting me take a different job and it did.

It's hard to think a good job might come out of all this. It seems like it should be harder than just telling a few people. Josh told me if I get a job working for one of the accounting firms then they will make me buy a real business suit. The idea of that is beyond hilarious. Will I have to go traipsing around the city wearing a grey business suit with sneakers?


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Good! Did you give all of those people a copy of your resume? (If not, please do.)

Laurie is right in a sense--the big 4 (and other larger firms) will probably have done their summer hiring by now, but medium and small size firms will probably still have some openings. Keep this in mind for next year, because you should start trying to line up a permament job in the fall. (Yes, really.) In the best of possible worlds, this summer's job asks you to come back permanently when you graduate.

Hope your arm is doing well with the cast coming off--do you have to do PT?

Mizasiwa said...

Things work so differently here that I cant say much on the whole intern job thing however - yes you will have to buy grown up clothes AND shoes if you plan to be an accountant one day - and impressions are that important that you will need to start now.

Lil'Sis said...

You could do black or navy blue, there are even some other shades that would "suit", hehe, pardon the pun and good luck!