Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Years ago

How many times did I bitch about my sisters not helping me with dinner? Like a hundred? Turns out I should have just broken my arm years ago. They work out themselves which one will get up to do my hair. They work out who is being the sous chef and who is handling dishes before and after. I have not cleaned in weeks. One of them will wait until I'm watching tv and then put a pile of clean laundry in front of me to fold.

In the mornings Josh makes the bed, and my breakfast. Sometimes I even wind up sitting at the table while one sister does my hair and someone else is making a veggie omelet or fruit smoothie. I am so spoiled. 

Counting down the days until the cast comes off, but also wondering if this has been going on long enough that it'll stick.

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Mizasiwa said...

I hope so - I will hold thumbs for you - but I think it will have alot to do with whether you take over those chores or not...so keep strong!