Sunday, April 15, 2012

Goat metabolism

Danielle and I went out for some orange juice early one morning last week, and ran into two girls doing the walk of shame. I guess they were looking to buy the morning after pill or something, based on their disappointment at seeing the pharmacy closed. While they were in line behind us, we overheard one tell the other, "You have the metabolism of a goat."

For some reason this struck us as outrageously funny.  We discussed it all the way home. What kind of metabolism does a goat have? Are they known for a fast one? What is the ultimate type of metabolism to have?

Of course we told Josh and Alex. Now all four of us use this phrase, except we've attached no meaning to it, so sometimes it's used as a compliment, sometimes as an insult, and sometimes, if we just don't understand something it's used as an explanation. It's the most versatile phrase ever.

Ex. 1: How do I look? Like a girl who has the metabolism of a goat!
Ex. 2: Fuck you! Fuck you back! I hope you get the metabolism of a goat!
Ex. 3 Why did Dulce bring it up so often and keep talking about how she wanted to go, but then not even show up? Dunno, maybe she's got the metabolism of a goat. Ohhhh.

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Just Me said...

Well, goats are known to eat everything and anything... maybe that's what they meant?

I have certainly never heard the expression, and while I find it very difficult to imagine personally using it in daily conversation, I want to congratulate you at finding some creative examples!