Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It was always do-able in high school to be turning in papers the same week as taking finals, but college is so much better in that all the work finishes and THEN you take finals. Just knowing all the assignments are completed and turned in and you can tweak the way your mind is thinking to focus on cramming four months of learning into finals is such a relief.

Except that starting my week of finals isn't really a relief. Because holy shitballs it's finals week. The focus is so hardcore that I am terrified other things are falling through the cracks. Maybe it's because they are. I ran out of birth control. That's pretty bad, right? I kept looking at the pack and thinking "Remember Sammers, go to the drugstore!" and then go back to my index cards and promptly forget. Until the morning I went to take one and it was the last one. So I put it in my bag as a reminder and then promptly forgot again until the next morning when I went to take one and there were none.

Me: Remember to get condoms okay?
Josh: What? For who?
Me: You. Us.
Josh: Are we having a threesome? (he sounded so hopeful)
Me: I ran out of birth control.
Josh: That never happens!
Me: I keep forgetting to pick it up. They called twice.
Josh: Okay.
Me: Don't let me forget and have sex without condoms.
Josh: I won't let us get pregnant.

He didn't. Because by that night he'd picked up my birth control pills for me. Danielle asked him if it was embarrassing. Josh told her no, that if a guy is buying anything to do with sex, it means he's getting laid, and guys like to let everyone know that. Dani is so busy being her geeky self it never occurred to her that way. I think she's been hanging out with Alex too much, to think everything about sex is embarrassing.

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