Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maturity is no fun

"Would you like me to run out and get you some lunch?" "How many copies of that do you need?" I have been practicing saying things like this lately in preparation for my summer interning job. Alex offered to look at my work clothes and pick out what will work for a fancier job. Then she talked Josh into watching my fashion show also. They sat on the couch while I ran back and forth from the bedroom in different outfits.

The good news is, I wear all my work clothes. Like on a regular basis. The bad news is, according to Al and Josh almost none of them are conservative enough for the new job. Maybe I should just get a real estate license and work for Arnie when I graduate instead, so I can wear more fun clothes. I bet real grownups would say that's a bad reason to choose a career.

Tonight after dinner I called Laurie and asked if she could go shopping with me after finals to get more boring clothes, since right now all I have is what we call my Republican suit. I told her I have $300 to spend but didn't say it's because Josh offered to add $100 to what I had. Actually he wanted to make it $500 claiming I wouldn't be able to buy four days worth of work outfits for $300 but he is wrong. He wouldn't be able to. I can.

Laurie was all excited and did that thing where you know she is but she tried to act like she isn't which almost made me wish I hadn't asked at all a little bit but then she pulled it in and got normal again so we are going shopping. I am going to be the most Republican-looking Democrat ever when she gets through with me.

Alex wants to come too, but she keeps using words like pinstriping and it makes me nervous.


Melissa said...

Even if you work for a few years in public accounting, you'll get used to the more conservative dress and it'll feel more natural, even if you never get to where you prefer it exactly. Also, if you make a switch later to a private firm there's a very good chance they'll have a much more relaxed dress code. Public accounting has a way of launching careers in private industry. Certain fields and companies also tend to have more relaxed environments. Some of us accountants (energy sector!!) get to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day!

Monica said...

Congratulations! Eventually you will find some work clothes you like and some you tolerate. I tell myself there's a reason they pay me to be there, I wouldn't choose to dress this way on my own :)

Lil'Sis said...

Congrats on the position, you'll do well no matter what you wear, but it's unfortunately so important in that realm, happy shopping!

Yankee, Transferred said...

I hated my first round of work clothes when I was your age. Over the years, I found a way to balance what was expected with what I could tolerate. For the last 10 years, I have worked somewhere where I can wear jeans Heaven.

Nina said...

First of all, YAYNESS! So happy for you about the summer internship!!

I like what Yankee said - eventually you'll figure out how to balance what's expected of you and what you like and feel comfortable in. And you'll slowly get used to the more conservative style of dressing. sad, but true.

sam said...

The day I get used to dressing Amishly is the day to find a new career. I bet it was a man who made the rule that skirts should go down to the knees.

Anonymous said...

Let Alex join you & Laurie.
Alex perhaps knows you better & her catalog fashion sense may serve you well.
Good luck & congratulations.