Monday, May 21, 2012

Somebody is brilliant

No idea who, but somebody. seem obsessed with "rich" or "poor", but it is all just "people" and there are good and bad in both groups. You can be poor and still be messy and irresponsible, you can be wealthy with good morals and frugal habits

I really wasn't thrilled with being told that. Truth hurts and all that shit. Sometimes I honestly think rich people feel fine about being messy because they can always pay someone to clean up their wrecks. But yes, for sure there are messy poor people.


Melissa said...

I saw that too and thought they were being a little harsh. So, don't let that bother you too much. The person isn't wrong in their "all shapes and sizes" argument - but when you work in accounting, you see all kinds of messes...and it's just that the people who can afford accountants are the only kind you see. :)

Sometimes the awful reconciliations (or lack thereof) you see are basically just shocking. When I started in my current job a few years ago, I figured out that my predecessor hadn't done balance sheet recs for at least a year - she just plugged the subledger part with the GL balance. Erk.

sam said...

huh? i didn't think they were harsh - i thought the person made a really good point! it didn't bother me at all.

Melissa said...

Oh, just saw you replied and I missed it. I guess I misinterpreted your reaction - I was just trying to be supportive. Glad you were fine anyway!