Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cherry pie

Did you know there's a song from before I was born all about cherry pie by a hair band? It's kind of a lame song, but we found the video on Youtube and Josh was like, "That is a girl screaming out for a pole if I ever saw one."

I was all set to make cherry pie when Josh found out and mentioned that actually, he doesn't really like cherry pie all that much. But I'd gotten enough cherries for a pie. It was agreed they would all get eaten before going bad and I'd find a different pie to make.

Summer always feels like pie season to me. Eating all the berries and stone fruits isn't enough, they need to be cooked with also. Lately Alex has been using a bunch of the berries to make smoothies with spinach in the mornings for breakfast. There was a strawberry parfait phase, but I'm over that now, and on to all things high-calorie when it comes to strawberries. Ice cream and milkshakes, mostly.

Alex decided to make a banana concoction and somehow thought that meant buying a thousand bananas. It didn't. She used one. Then ate a second. That's how I decided to make a banana cream pie. And banana pancakes. And banana bread. And banana muffins.

We gave away some sweets to our old lady neighbor Edith and the gay neighbors on our floor. My sister begged Josh to let her pie him in the face, but he refused.

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Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I was a freshman in high school when that song was on the radio, and I owned it. On cassette.