Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being an intern

Arnie was promised a warm body to fill my position in the form of a sister but I forgot that my sister gets out of school like a month after I do. Which means she's not available to work for Arnie for most of June.

This guy from school is going to Finland for two months this summer and he doesn't leave until July 4th weekend, so I talked him into taking my Arnie job for June. Dani was all worried he'd be really good at it and Arnie wouldn't like her, but he has already made comments about how being a receptionist is a girl's job and he's only doing this for the quick money and stuff. Yeah, he's a little macho/chauvinistic. But that's okay because I think he'll do a good job and then leave on his trip and that's what matters.

Being an intern is weird. I mean, being an intern isn't weird in and of itself. Just being an intern in a place with highly driven people in such a competitive environment is weird. I will give Laurie this: she dressed me right. I have not worn my hair in a ponytail once (yet). No cleavage has shown. I only show as much leg as a slutty Amish girl might. I smile at everyone, say yes to everything, and act enthusiastic without being cocky.

That last one is already proving to be important. There are other interns. One girl seemed to size me up right away. When we were getting a tour, I was writing down random stuff that I was scared to forget. It felt stupid and I was embarrassed. The other girl smirked at me a bunch of times, and once I caught her looking at the person giving us the tour and rolling her eyes. The guy asked her, "Do you want a pen and pad to take notes too?" and she waved him off. "Oh, I have a great memory - I'll remember it."

I worried they were making a note. Samantha: poor memory, can't remember shit. This morning, I got sent to get something copied. While I was standing there copying, the girl came over, also to copy something. I finished, and as I walked away, she all of a sudden got super friendly, and was like "Don't leave me! Show me how to do this!"

What?! Fuck you What happened to your whole perfect memory? "Beats me - I just pressed all the buttons until it started, sorry." I can be a bitch too, Bitch.

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L said...

Smart people write things down! It worries me when I train people and they don't write anything down, because I know that just means they'll forget later.