Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cooking makes me happy

Josh stole a melon baller from his parents over the weekend. Do you think melon with white wine would taste good? I balled cantaloupe and honeydew after work and decided that would be dessert tonight. Dinner was linguine with shrimp and broccoli. Except when I looked at it, I wanted there to be another color, so I cut up carrot sticks too. We didn't start eating until about 8:45pm but it put me in such a good mood to putter around the kitchen for an hour after working.

I wish Josh could steal a pasta maker from his parents. Making pasta by hand would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who makes pasta by hand using this method:
i haven't tried it, because I am not a very good cook, but...you don't need a pasta maker! wee!

Melissa said...

Seconded! Handmade pasta is great. It's not the season for it, but making homemade egg noodles by hand (for soups) isn't that hard and you can cut the noodles with a pizza cutter.