Sunday, June 3, 2012

Extra drunk = extra awkward

Josh's parents had a party to kick off summer. I always feel awkward when I'm at one of their things and people like Arnie are there. To feel less awkward about seeing my boss outside of work, I drink a little more. Which is awkward what with not being 21 yet, so I drink a little more than that, too.

It's kind of just downhill from there. I try to stay away from him and his wife, but wind up wandering away from Josh's friends unless I can find one who can talk about something other than which part of New England they like to summer in best (answer: recent (informal) polls show Martha's Vineyard is not a crowd favorite).

What I have learned is that Josh's parents will happily give him everything he wants, and actually even some things he didn't know he wants, and all they want in return is to be involved in his life. I think there are some very huge hurt-but-not-talked-about feelings surrounding his older sister. That may be why Josh is in touch with at least one parent basically every other day.

The parents don't seem to mind any of us drinking, maybe because nobody drives home. My goal when I drink is to stop two drinks before I become That Sloppy Drunk Girl. The one dancing on the table swinging her bra around? The one stumbling home with dried vomit on her shirt from when she threw up in the cab? That girl. I always aim to stop at three just to be safe, but at least half the time, I leave for Josh's bedroom with a fourth in my hand.

Here is what I've learned about drinking:
1. Eating beforehand really IS important.
2. Some people fake being buzzed to get away with saying things.
3. You can get away with a lot by claiming you were drunk when you said things.

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Mizasiwa said...

I have a feeling that you are going to get a lot of slamming comments on here today - At least you go to bed before you take your bra off ;-) right.