Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's NOT an STD

I am a terrible sister. Let's just get that out of the way. About once a month Josh whispers in my ear, "Don't you want to ...?" or "Don't you think you should ...?" in relation to one sister or another. He always thinks I should be doing more for them, with them than I do. I always say no. Josh has sister issues because of his sister who unofficially divorced her family years ago.

In the middle of the night I woke up to Josh nudging me with his knee. "Sammer. Sam is that your sister?" I was in the middle of a very busy dream.  There was massive construction, there were wheelchairs, hot construction guys, a race, and people from work. A lot to keep track of, and it was hard to understand Josh. Of course my sister's not a construction worker, what was he talking about? (By the way in my dream, one of the construction workers took his shoes off and had me stand on his feet while he walked me across a metal beam and he was wearing dress socks. Does that mean anything?)

"Sam! One of them's crying." I still couldn't leave my dream. None of the wheelchair people were crying; what was he talking about? They were totally calm. I was trying to be like them.

Then Josh was standing over the bed, pulling me into a sitting position. "Al is crying in the bathroom. She wants you." Now I was up. Knocking on the bathroom door, I stuck my head in. "Did you get your period?" Danielle was behind me trying to shove the door open more. Alex claimed it hurt horribly when she peed. "So just pee really fast?" I suggested. Al cried harder.

Danielle pulled at my arm. "She has an STD!" What? We stood there arguing about which STD's cause painful peeing while Alex cried in pain and yelled that she didn't have an STD. Josh wandered by. He claimed he looked it up, Alex had a UTI, and needed cranberry juice. The three of us stood there staring at each other. Somebody had to volunteer to go out and get cranberry juice. I was confident that if I crawled back into bed within the next two minutes I could get back to my dream and make sure the wheelchairers got across the beams to the other side in time.

Josh threw on a t-shirt and went. Much later, after we woke up at an appropriate time, he told me the only reason he went was because of being scared he'd get stuck having to stay at home talking her down through the bathroom door. No clue what happened to the wheelchair people.


Mizasiwa said...

It may not be an STD but a UTI is also dangerous if untreated - it can affect your kidneys (if is hasnt already) im sure you have carted her of do a doctor but if not maybe she should get checked out. HOpe she is better soon UTI sucks - i know...

Anonymous said...

Cranberry Juice won't cure it, antibiotics will.

Lil'Sis said...

Funny dream, I do hate getting awoken from interesting dreams like that too, you can never get back to them.

the above are correct, antibiotics are the fix, but the juice will help, after her dose of drugs, there are cranberry pills, they've helped me a ton as a daily dose of good stuff for the body and helped stave off the UTI.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Cranberry juice may help prevent, but yes, check with doctor for antibiotics to cure. Also you may want to get pyridium for killing the pain; you can get it by prescription, but also you can get it in half doses without prescription, and just take twice as much.
For future prevention: she can urinate more often; women who wait (like teachers) because they are "too busy" create a more hospitable environment for the bacteria.

OTRgirl said...

I HATE being dragged from deep sleep. It's like wading up through sludge. Your description is perfect.

I hope you tell Josh what a great guy he is! Even if he was just trying to get away from crying girls.

Also, good for you for trying to get together with your high school friend to understand what was happening. I'm so sad for her child! I agree that her story sounds fishy and I'm sad for her that she isn't responding to the 'wake up call'.

Anonymous said...

It is important that she gets antibiotics. Also you should make sure she's on the pill.

Anonymous said...

Wy would you say she should put alex on the pill?