Monday, June 18, 2012

Not adding

I was able to get together with that girl from high school whose kid was taken away by CPS.  Yeah, she still couldn't explain herself coherently. Like what she said did not make sense to me. Cops knocked on her door, it took her a long time to answer, they gave her shit for her home being a wreck, and then refused to tell her where she could pick up her daughter.

It was hard to know what to say. So of course I asked the dumbest thing. "Well how messy was your house? Was it like, Hoarders-style or was it like, 2-hours to being beautiful?" She admitted it was closer to Hoarders. My aunt kind of lives that way. In the entire time we lived with her, I never saw her clean once. I so clearly remember me and Dani the first night scrubbing the bathroom floor with wet paper towels and them being black with filth. We wouldn't even shower until the second day, because we were so grossed out. It was probably inappropriate how long we showered together, but neither of us wanted to be submerged in the filth by ourselves.

So anyway to hear that police thought her house was so dirty that they mentioned it kind of grosses me out. Then I asked why she was sleeping in the middle of the day. She gave me some line about how she'd been up all night, then took her daughter to camp, then came home and drank two glasses of wine to be able to fall asleep. But why didn't she just arrange for somebody else to pick her up if she was going to take a nap?

The whole thing just seemed shady. To be completely honest I may have become prejudice against her when she talked about how dirty her place is because of how uncomfortable I was living with Aunt Elaine. But even without that things don't add up. I mean, so take a day and clean the fuck out of your house. Isn't anything worth getting your kid back? Like the second she was told her daughter was going to have to sleep at a stranger's house because her house was too filthy for them to let her back in, why wasn't she rushing around frantically cleaning?

I felt bad, because it was obvious she was really upset and like, wanted me to join her in agreeing the police were total pricks and CPS is just giving her a hard time, but like, I just wasn't quite feeling it. I mean let's be honest - you're underage and got so passed out drunk that it caused you to forget about your kid and then on top of all that, the police found out about it.

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Nina said...

Makes total sense to me that you'd find it difficult to be sympathetic to her. Even just reading about what you went through with your aunt makes me angry and disgusted on you and your sisters' behalf. I hope your friend can clean up (her life, her house, whatever) to get her child back though.