Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Breaking up is hard

I got a checking account a couple of years ago. Then soon after, I opened a savings account online, connected to the checking account. Somehow my sisters and I started referring to it as "the family bank." We just keep an Excel spreadsheet listing how much each sister has put in or taken out, when, and what their total is. They each keep an envelope in their underwear drawer with money they earn, all coins go in a glass jar, and once a month we put in whatever's in the envelope. It's probably not the most kosher way of doing money, but it's worked well for us.

Danielle wants to divorce us, and get her own bank. Not really for any reason that's specific, just because she wants to. Alex feels conflicted, like her parents are divorcing and she has to pick who to live with. Josh and I told her that's not at all what's going on. Dani told her the same thing. Except she played dirty, and told Alex if she keeps her money with me, she shouldn't be surprised if I go off spending her money on kitchen stuff. Bitch.


Anonymous said...

Get Alex her own savings account, too! Then nobody will feel left out and everyone can be responsible for their own money.

Anonymous said...

No, that's stupid. Alex is what, a sophmore or junior in high school? She is not a five year old child who needs anything she sees her sister get. Sam is always trying to streamline and simplify her life - there's no reason to complicate it and have yet another thing to keep track of.

Suzy said...

I think it is a good idea for Dani to get her own account. She should still have to pay her own way (whatever that amount is) into the family account but should have her own account to make her own decisions with. As should you, Sam. Even if you put $5 a week in it, it should be yours and yours alone. If Alex wants one too, great, she can put her allowance in there.
With Dani going to college things are going to have to change and this is a good first step.