Monday, July 2, 2012

Bust a motorcycle

Me and my sisters watched a full two hours of Kardashian tonight. There was one point in the show where the matriarch is telling her unmarried adult daughter about how to be good at being in a relationship. Apparently you give your husband a lot of shit, but every once in a while you bust a motorcycle out of your ass for him.

Well! I have really been missing out not having a mother to give motherly advice, and being in a relationship all this time without these pearls of wisdom. Shit, how many motorcycles should I have given Josh by now? Let's figure every three months you have to make up for being a nagging bitch, so that's four a year, then in five years the guy's a one-man Hells Angels gang.

For some reason we all found this totally hilarious and spent the rest of the night twisting the concept and sticking it into every single topic that came up. But that girl on the show is a pretty naggy bitch. I don't think I'm that naggy. Hopefully not. The good thing about living with Josh with my sisters around is that they are not shy in shooting me down when I'm wrong. (The bad thing though is that they're never shy or quiet.) So I'm sure if I were naggy they would be calling me out for it.

Just in case I am, and nobody's told me, I asked Josh out on a date for Tuesday. Part of my first paycheck is going towards a fancy dinner for us.

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