Monday, July 9, 2012

Cartwheels in the closet

Josh got his parents to say my sisters and I could stay at their house while they're in Israel and wherever else. Staying here is a little vacation. I am finally making peace with all the constant help they have, and am looking forward to being able to enjoy staying without worrying about keeping it clean. Laurie is sending the housekeeper twice a week, which Josh talked her down to after she wanted four times a week, but he knew that'd drive me nuts. So now we are skateboarding through the hallway and doing cartwheels in the closet.

It's much better air-conditioned there than at our place, and using the oven won't make the A/C almost useless. Dani's asked me to make us cornish game hens one night so I am hunting around for yummy things to go with that. Alex wants something involving lamb. I'm not sure why - don't think she's ever even had lamb before.  Will have to hunt around for lamb recipes. Laurie left us food money even though I tried to tell her not to, so I put some aside to make something excellent the night before they come back, but today bought some really fancy chocolate. I turned it into pudding and made a pudding pie. It was almost too dark, but the whipped cream balanced it out. Too bad Laurie didn't also hire a surgeon to suck out the fat that whipped cream is going to add to my ass.

I am tempted to throw a party. Actually, I want to throw two parties. One all out crazy party with everyone I know and everyone they know, and another smaller dinner party.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a mini vacation and that you seem to be more comfortable about staying at Laurie's. Wouldn't recommend a party though. I'd hate it if someone I let stay at my house gave a party. Remember, you can't control other people and you don't want to violate their trust in you and your sisters. Fixing them something special for when they arrive home sounds nice.

Nina said...

happy that you get a chance to relax a little bit. :) It's like a mini-vacation.

Anonymous said...

Unless they specifically told you it was okay to have guests over, don't.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Back when I could eat dairy, I used to make these lamb burgers with spinach and feta all the time.

Instead of making the dill with sour cream sauce, I would buy ready-made tzatziki sauce and top the burgers with that. They were yummy.

I also love lollipop lamb chops when in restaurants, but have never tried making them myself.

enjoy your mini-vacation :-) No parties.