Friday, July 6, 2012

Why living with a boy was a bad idea: Reason 837

My sisters came up to us and announced they'd found what they want to get when "we" register after getting engaged. Never mind for a second (a very short second) that they missed the concept of who exactly it is who registers upon becoming engaged, but they decided on $550 plates. Before you start trying to defend them by claiming that's not terrible for a set of plates, that's for ONE. One plate. Obviously no Italian people buy these plates, because Italians have tempers and are not above throwing plates at people's heads when deserved. Do you think if someone's housekeeper drops a plate by accident (or by accident-on-purpose) they get fired?

Josh and I are pretty sure Alex and Dani have taken the concept of "sister wives" way too far.

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Abby said...

Just get Corelle. You can throw it and it doesn't break. Not that I would, uh, know or anything. Certainly not.