Thursday, July 5, 2012

The hotness is oh so hot

The thought of having to wear Fancy Clothes to work makes me want to cry (except tears are hot). Why don't they make lighter-weight Fancy Clothes? Or why doesn't the entire accounting profession just unclench and let people dress a bit more comfortably? I bet people would be a little less uptight if they didn't have sweat rolling down their backs.

Alex, always a problem-solver, took matters into her own hands. This morning, I thought the freezer looked a little less filled than it had previously, but figured I was just confused. Then I saw Al walking out the front door with a big armful of wrapped meat and stuff.

Me: What are you doing?
Al: Emptying the freezer. Cameron (neighbor across the hall) said we can borrow theirs, it's okay.
Me: What's wrong with our freezer?
Al: Oh nothing. It's great.
Me: Yeah, so what are you doing?
Al: I told you! Emptying it.
Me: Yes. WHY?
Al: Oh. To make more room. Don't worry. You don't have to do anything.
Me: We can not store dead bodies in the freezer. Find somewhere else.
Al: Okay.
Me: You know it's going to be you who has to get all our food back, right? 
Al: Okay.

I gave up. I am a busy girl and if she is doing some sort of project then whatever. Walked off to go meet Josh and some friends for a few hours. When I came home, Alex was in the kitchen and every single dish with a container was all over the counters. "Don't come in!" she screamed at me. I bodyslammed her out of the way to look.

So it seems Alex bought one of those huge vats of Italian ices - let's not even consider how she got it home - but it doesn't fit in the freezer. So she was trying to portion it out to get it all in there. Josh decided to take control. "Sammer, it's okay. We can totally handle this. Now grab a spoon." Um yeah, that's only doable and funny in a sitcom. In real life it's neither practical nor sustainable.

Josh forced Alex to go asking all our neighbors that we know if they had any freezer space. She was lucky enough to run into people going to New England who generously agreed to lend her their freezer in exchange for her watering their plants and feeding their cat.

Hold on. They were really just going to leave their cat for five days? I hate cats but even I would never do that to an animal. How did they think their cat would have enough water?

Alex ran back and forth transferring extra ices to their freezer. One time she brought the cat to our place, but I made her bring it back immediately. I don't want it to die but I also don't want to live with it. We'll be having ices for every meal for the rest of the month.


Anonymous said...

what a sweetheart, trying to make your life more comfortable :)

Kizz said...

For almost all of that story I thought she was emptying the freezer so you could chill all your hot work clothes before you got dressed. Ices are good, too.

Abby said...

I thought the same thing!! And was thinking, doesn't she know they'll be hot again by the time Sam gets outside? Compared to that, the giant vat of Italian ice makes a lot of sense. :)