Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wobbly watermelon

I didn't go to work today. Last night I got such a bad headache that I had to go to bed before midnight. It wasn't because I drank too much, since both my sisters drank more than me and neither one of them got sick. We had way too much watermelon so after making a watermelon salad, I gave some to a neighbor and then made some watermelon cocktails (it involves vodka, it was good).

By the way, if you were thinking it might be fun to play "don't let it hit the floor" with a watermelon and two sisters? It'll be fun right up until one sister decides to keep the melon from touching the floor by kicking it. Yeah, that won't end well. Don't try that. 

When I woke up my headache was still there and I was dizzy, so I panicked for about an hour, discussed it with Danielle and then called in sick. I stayed in bed all morning, then went to lay on the couch for the afternoon, and finally felt better around 3 in the afternoon. Danielle called to check on me before she went to tutoring, and she brought home chicken soup for me.

Tomorrow I'm going back to work. Maybe there are 24-hour headaches and that's what I got. Whatever it was, I'm definitely better and anyway, I can't miss two days of work. Missing one was bad enough. The lady I spoke with was really nice when I called and said she hoped I feel better, but I still feel terrible for missing a day, and nervous they'll think I just decided to go to the beach or something and wasn't really sick.

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