Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet relief

I made a peach cobbler this morning, in celebration of Josh and his parents coming home. Then we cleaned their house top to bottom and put fresh eggs, cream cheese, lox, milk and fruit in the fridge, bagels on the counter, flowers on the entry table, and took a cab home.

Every time we stay at Josh's parents' house I am always nervous. What if I forgot to clean out the toaster? What if one of my sisters broke something and didn't tell me? The thought that they'll come home, find something, and hate me, call up screaming, terrifies me.

Josh got home at dinner time, and it was the middle of the night for him. When I asked what he wanted, he thought about it for a minute. "Shower, you, food, sleep, in that order." So I made Breakfast-for-Dinner while Josh showered. Found a grill pan (probably something Josh stole from his parents) and grilled peaches (I am a little obsessed) to serve with french toast and blueberries.

We ate in bed, all four of us, while Josh told us about his trip. I sent my sisters out with the dishes to clean up and now that I am about to go to sleep, Josh will probably get up in a couple of hours because he's on Israel time. I am so happy.


Nina said...

happy that you're happy. :)

Amy said...

I think you're pretty cool Sam.