Monday, August 13, 2012

Reluctant vacationer

It's been a little over a year and a half since the Florida trip, and as Josh pointed out, I'm way behind in our vacation schedule. One of the things I like about Josh is that he's really direct most of the time. He told me it upsets him that I don't go. It's like our most common annoying talk.

There is a wisp of time between when interning ends and school starts, and Josh has asked me to let Dani keep working my two regular jobs so we can go on a trip. It's not that the vacations aren't fun, because they are, tons of fun. It's that panic of not working, not earning money. While I was in Florida, at pretty much all times I knew how much money could have been earned had I been working, and roughly how much Josh was spending.

But I promised, so we'll go. First, interning needs to finish up. I wonder if it's inappropriate to ask for letters of reference from the people who clearly liked my work.


Alisha said...

It is NOT inappropriate to ask for letters of reference from people who clearly liked your work. That's part of the point of interning, and everyone recognizes that.

Suzanne said...

Ask for the letter but make it easy on them. Follow up with an email that outlines the work that you did, what kind of work you hope to do, and how much you enjoyed getting their coffee/learning from them.