Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting lazy for last days

It feels like the internship has only bee for like two weeks, but it also feel like it's been months and months. Today I got in 13 minutes early and leaned back in my chair and french-braided my wet hair. I wasn't all the way finished when I heard somebody walked towards me, so just wrapped the hair that was left in a bun at the bottom with my ponytail holder. It was just another intern! Seriously considered taking the bun out and finishing but decided not to.

Turned out everyone was feeling lazy today, not just me. Somebody showed up in jeans. Dark wash, but still. A guy sat at his desk slurping soup during lunch. A girl spent almost two hours making personal calls. It's like we're all burned out and mentally finished working.

That scary partner came whizzing by and then back-tracked to me. "Last day soon, huh?" I nodded. "Let's go to lunch tomorrow then." Wait, what? What if she screams at me at lunch? Is this like a date, where since she invited me, she pays? I guess I need to dress extra-nice tomorrow. Probably should bring extra money too. Shit.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure she'll be paying... on the company's account. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You don't take people to lunch to yell at them. You tak them to lunch to get to know them better. If she asked you to lunch, she wants to talk to you. She is likely to ask about your future plans (career plans). She is likely going to ask about your experience and what you liked/disliked. This is possibly a job interview. This might be a job offer. Do dress well. Do bring extra money and offer to split the bill. Do ask questions about her and the firm. Do your best to be professional and respectful.

Do tell us if you get a job.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one last thing. If she asked you out to lunch, you clearly impressed her. Clearly she sees you as a possible addition to the firm.


Kizz said...

Yeah, what other people said. If you were asked to lunch it's about rewarding you and seeing if you're a good fit for later. All the stuff that everyone told you this internship was supposed to be. Yes, bring extra money, but I'll be a extremely surprised if you're asked to pay anything. It's a business expense. Have fun!

Nina said...

What anon said! You should come up with a list of questions beforehand that you can try to work into the conversation. Have fun and good luck!!