Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public safety

I wore my favorite work shirt. Got Dani to do my hair better than I can do it myself. Kept repeating that thing about how when you're nervous about being with someone always meet with them in public - they're less likely to go off that way. Mid-morning I felt sick and went to the restrooms to throw up. I put water on the back of my neck and insides of my wrists. Thought about going home early, except that there are barely any days left and I don't want their last impression of me to be "that girl who wimped out," so I chewed minty gum and tried to feel better.

At the exact time we were supposed to go to lunch the partner went speed-walking by me and announced, "Ten minutes, and I'll be ready." As we walked out she asked, "You like sushi?" I am quite certain sushi is not a good idea after puking, although maybe Japanese people feel differently. Of course I said yes anyway. Miso soup and rice. Pretended I love it. She told me all about her kids. Told me all about when she was in college.

Then we went back. I remembered to say thank you. She didn't yell at me.


Lil'Sis said...

well, she didn't yell, and you kept the food down:) A win all around given the circumstances

Nina said...

I'm sure you did great. How stressful though!